ENTEGRA. Enterprise Integrity Solutions And A New Beginning.

ENTEGRA marks the next step in an ILI evolution that began in the 1960's and 70's with the development of pioneer technologies, continued from the late 1990's with the introduction of high-resolution technologies and now continues with a new generation of tools, technology, analytics and service. Though new to market, ENTEGRA brings over a century of experience in combo MFL/Caliper in-line inspection to you and your integrity management program. We were not only instrumental in the millennium revolution that saw high resolution technologies burst on the scene, our pipeline operations experience facilitates our mission to change the way the industry thinks about ILI and the services that support it.

About Us

About pipeline integrity management

Introducing ENTEGRA. You may know us as the people behind one of the industry's pioneer MFL/caliper technologies. Now we'd like to introduce you to what's next.


Pipeline pigging

New generation technologies for today's ILI challenges. Shorter tools. Lighter tools. Up to 4-times the data resolution. From the team that helped start it all.


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