The ENTEGRA Difference: Ultra High Resolution

Looking at the world of Magnetic Flux Leakage In-Line Inspection tools you will find a plethora of options, all with sightly different values and capabilities. Its important to know the difference and understand the value of the tools and technology you choose to assess your pipeline. The ENTEGRA Difference is Ultra High Resolution MFL/Caliper data coupled with one of the most robust and navigable tools in the market today. Through a wide range of tool diameters spanning from small to large, ENTEGRA delivers to you in a report within 45 days, the highest resolution MFL and Caliper data. We are talking about a level of resolution that allows you to detect anomalies down to the size of small pinholes and measurable corrosion in places like along the longĀ  seam of a pipeline, with a high level of confidence and accuracy.