Pilferage? Pinhole Corrosion? Lets Talk!

Globally, the pipeline infrastructure is at risk of and suffers from illegal tapping more and more every day. These attempts threaten the safety of the people and our planet. Pipeline owners and operators are losing valuable product and are at risk of a weakened pipeline, which lead to other major problems. These illegal taps are often found to be installed by professional criminals with a level of sophistication and equipment that is likely unrecognizable by traditional In Line Inspection (ILI) methods.

Corrosion on or within steel pipelines is the major threat to a pipelines integrity. Traditional MFL technologies are used to detect and size the severity, thus allowing the pipeline owners and operators to know and better understand the health of their pipeline as they plan and prioritize action. In similar with pinhole sized illegal taps, corrosion can also be of pinhole size and often missed by traditional MFL ILI methods.

Ultra High Resolution (UHR) MFL and Caliper technologies are now surfacing on the pipeline inspection market and some offer a much better chance of detecting these challenging pinhole sized threats.

ENTEGRA has the most accomplished and reliable fleet of 3in through 36in UHR MFL, Caliper and Mapping ILI tools built and designed to navigate the most challenging pipelines. Most importantly, ENTEGRA offers the most advanced Pinhole Detection and Sizing Specification on the market today.

Join us at the Integrity 2020 Online Conference on June 18th, hosted by World Pipelines. ENTEGRA’s President and Founder will be presenting on the detection of pinholes utilizing UHR MFL, Caliper and IMU technologies.

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