Are Pipelines the Safest Form of Transportation?

What is the best form of transportation for energy products? Are pipelines the safest way to transport gas and oil? These are two common questions often misunderstood or overlooked by the general public. Yes, pipelines are the best form of transportation of energy products, primarily because they are the safest, according to the American Pipeline Institution and the Association of Oil Pipelines. Anywhere you see a pipeline or pipeline right of way, imagine if that instead was a road or railroad crowded with trucks and trains and think about the differences in efficiency, safety and carbon footprint.

Pipelines are designed, tested and strictly monitored to transport commodities such as gas, oil, and refined products. These commodities are required to supply the world with energy and aide in the production of everyday household and commercial products. Because of strict regionally specific regulations around the globe, pipeline owners and operators take extreme measures to assure the safe and secure operations of their pipelines systems to keep our energy infrastructure healthy and environmentally safe.

Pipelines are everywhere. They run parallel to and underneath major highways, environmentally protected lands, through our seas, neighborhoods and cities. Needless to say, maintaining and assuring the health of a pipeline is critical and no different than monitoring your own health. One of the most important components of maintaining a pipelines integrity is ILI (In-Line Inspection), much like a regularly occurring doctors visit. When looking at selecting an ILI service company, a pipeline owner or operator has a choice. Thankfully, it’s a competitive market which has driven innovation, quality, and important technological advancements. Aside from the fact there are different technologies addressing different needs, axial MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) is by far the most commonly used and trusted ILI application for the majority of pipeline threats. This is why ENTEGRA has commercialized an industry leading and modern UHR (Ultra High Resolution) MFL tool that collects data at a faster rate and presentes a more clearer picture or view of the internal and external condition of pipelines. Much like selecting the best doctor available for you or a family member, pipelines need to most accurate and reliable data to maintain health.

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