The New Spec: A Closer Look

ENTEGRA has just released more information on its new POD and POI specification. Complex corrosion/metal loss, from true pinholes to pits-in-pits to theft/pilferage, has met its match with our fleet of Ultra-High-Resolution MFL/CAL/IMU and CPCM combo tools.

This latest pinhole spec represents the closest look yet at just how much can be revealed using UHR technology backed by our talented, experienced global DA team. Even anomalies once thought undetectable can now be managed. As you’ll discover, our new spec is an ever-evolving initiative between us and pipeline operator partners around the world. Together, we’re detecting, locating, characterizing, and sizing the most critical anomalies, defects, and the most challenging pipeline threats.

The more you see, the more you know. The more you know, the more you’re in a position to maximize your pipeline integrity program, reduce risk and increase your operational performance and ROI. For even more information and a look at our revolutionary new spec in its entirety, contact your Account Manager or email