Complex Issue: Pits-in-Pits.

Operators tell us that pinholes within larger areas of corrosion are the number-one threat for corrosion failures on their pipelines. Our job is to discover and identify these types of threats, many of which were previously thought to be undetectable. Pits–in-pits. Pinholes. Corrosion on puddle-welded pipe. These are but a few of the complex corrosion issues operators face. 

Our system of Ultra-High-Resolution ILI tools backed by experienced, talented Data Analysts detects and identifies even the most complex corrosion. ENTEGRA UHR tools, our CPCM platform and our entire global support team are setting the bar, worldwide, for first run success, increased throughput, reduced cost, risk mitigation and ROI. 

“We understand our customers’ moral and regulatory obligation is to ‘Know their pipelines’ and keep them flowing safely at capacity,” says Mark Olson, ENTEGRA’s President. “Our job is to tell the best possible story about the current condition of their pipeline.”

When compared to the impact and cost of a pipeline failure, the cost of an ILI run is insignificant. ENTEGRA’s tech – and team – help our partners to see more, know more and do more. Effectively and cost efficiently. That’s the ENTEGRA difference.