ENTEGRA will be presenting multiple times at PPIM 2023.

UHR MFL Inline Inspection System, Seam Weld Assessment and more.

ENTEGRA will again present white papers at the annual Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference (PPIM), on February 6–10, 2023, in Houston. Members of ENTEGRA’s management and data teams will be exploring the topics: integrity assessments for pits-in-pits, insights into using ultra-high-resolution (UHR) MFL technology in assessing the long seam, and utilizing ENTEGRA’s UHR MFL Inline Inspection System to meet new PHMSA regulations with a traceable, verifiable, and complete pipe grade classification report. Lastly, we will present on how flow testing validated UHR MFL in the POD, POI, and sizing of pinholes.

Applying Ultra-High-Resolution MFL To Pits-in-Pits 

Rick Desaulniers, ENTEGRA Manager of Data Science
1:30 pm CST, February 9

Rick Desaulniers, ENTEGRA Manager of Data Science, will present his paper: “Applying Ultra-High-Resolution MFL To Achieve Better Integrity Assessment of Pits-in-Pits.” Rick will explore how the advent of Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) In-Line Inspection (ILI) techniques can reliably address the nuances of complex corrosion, including pits-in-pits.

The incursion of deep pinholes in broader areas of light corrosion has been identified by our operating partners as one of their top integrity concerns. Rick will show how ENTEGRA’s technology, backed by human-experience based decision making in the analysis process, can be accurately deployed to detect, characterize, and size potentially injurious complex corrosion.

Knowing the Long Seam

Miguel Galeana, ENTEGRA Data Supervisor, co-author Rick Desaulniers, ENTEGRA Manager of Data Science
2 PM CST, February 9

Metal loss that aligns with a pipe’s long seam poses an imminent integrity threat and a threat to an operator’s bottom line. Miguel Galeana, ENTEGRA Data Supervisor for North America, will address this in his paper: “Knowing the Long Seam: Essential Insights Using UHR MFL Technology.”

Miguel will illustrate the impact and potential costs of false calls – both false negatives and false positives – and how they can be mitigated with an integrated ILI system that combines Ultra-High Resolution MFL technology with human-experience based data analysis. He’ll explore how the ever-growing capabilities of MFL, and the ability to extract nuanced data from it, can improve both outcomes and efficiency in a range of applications.

Pipe Grade Classification

Max Harrisson, ENTEGRA MFL Data Analyst – Level III, co-author Rick Desaulniers, ENTEGRA Manager of Data Science
11:00 AM CST, February 10

Operators must be able to see more and know more about the overall condition of their pipelines to keep their operations running safely and at maximum throughput. Max Harrisson’s job as a Level III MFL Analyst and a senior member of ENTEGRA’s Data Science team is to make that happen. His paper: “Pipe Grade Classification: Groundbreaking ROI from your UHR MFL Inspection,” will show why the delivery of a complete and accurate Materials Classification Report is so important.

Max will be taking a holistic look at how such a report can be developed, as well as how it can provide an integrity assessment that helps operators meet new PHMSA regulations with a traceable, verifiable, and complete information. Understanding the impact of pipe grade and the data it affords is at the heart of a truly integrated system of technology and data analysis. 

Proof of Performance: Flow-Loop-Testing Validation of UHR MFL Technology in the POD, POI and Sizing of Pinholes

James Lavender, ENTEGRA Global Director of Sales 
10:30 AM CST, February 10

A major liquid pipeline operator with assets throughout Texas and the Midwestern United States recently engaged us in a blind flow loop test to compare the pinhole detection, characterization, and sizing capabilities of Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) vs. their legacy state-of-the-art Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection (ILI) results.

Taking place at PRCI’s Technology Development Center in Houston, Texas, this paper will discuss how the latest advancements in MFL technology impact true pinhole assessment and will present the flow loop test setup, execution, and results.

See Our Tools in Our Expanded VR Workshop at PPIM 2023

More than 3,500 industry professionals are expected to attend PPIM 2023 for an immersive five days of training courses as well as the conference and associated exhibition. In addition to showcasing the knowledge and leadership of its team, ENTEGRA will again be an exhibitor, sharing the latest on its paradigm shifting technologies and integrated UHR ILI system. Visit us at booth #409 to experience our ENTEGRA Virtual Workshop in VR – where our sales team members can lead you through an exploration of our technology in real time and share resources to answer your questions.