“The pig is wrong” is not often the case, and “No anomalies found” is not enough information.

ENTEGRA’s Director of Data Analysis Rick Desaulniers and co-lecturer Jim Marr will be teaching a two day course at this years Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference. The course will review both in-line (direct) and indirect inspection methods for pipelines, and the ways in which the results of these inspections are reported. Participants will learn the correct procedures for conducting investigative digs based on these inspections, and how to use the latest NDE technologies to perform conclusive direct examinations for final integrity assessment and maintenance decisions.

If you do not have the opportunity to participate in this two day course, stop by the ENTEGRA booth to catch Rick and discuss highlights of the course and how ENTEGRA’s Ultra High Resolution MFL and Caliper data plays a key role in accurately assessing the integrity of pipelines.