Vaughn Pendleton – Project Manager

Vaughn Pendleton

Pipeline Inspection is an art, a science, and a skill that takes decades of experience to master. ENTEGRA values those with such experience and grit. With that said, it is with great pride that we announce the promotion of Vaughn Pendleton to Project Manager. Vaughn is a key addition to the North American Project Management team as his experience will help sustain and enhance ENTEGRA’s industry leading run success rate and exceptional customer service.

Vaughn started at Tuboscope Pipeline Services as a Pipeline Inspection Technician where he participated in inspection projects both domestic and international, working his way through operations and into a Field Supervisor role. As pipeline pigging and ILI evolved, so did Vaughn. He marched on to join TD Williamson and quickly became a leader of ILI field work as a Senior Field Technician. From there he relocated to Indianapolis to help ENTEGRA kick off their North American Field Operations efforts as an ILI Superintendent. Vaughn brings over 18 years of field experience to the Project Management team. Vaughn enjoys biking the network of trails around Indianapolis with his wife and visiting his children and grandchildren in Texas.