Bundling UHRMFL/CAL with CPCM

Are you looking for ways to reduce cost and risk within your Integrity Management program? ENTEGRA is helping Pipeline Owners and Operators do just that by bundling UHRMFL/CAL/IMU with CPCM. We are overlaying all datasets to help our customers better understand and manage corrosion on pipelines.

What does our Cathodic Protection Current Mapping ILI tool do?

-Map’s the distribution of current applied to the pipeline.
-Locates & quantifies ALL current sources.
-Defines current source boundaries and identifies midpoints between rectifiers.
-Locates and quantifies shorts/bonds.
-Defines areas outside of any current influence.
-Defines coating quality based on ACTUAL current densities.
-Identifies areas with induced AC.
-Helps determine why corrosion is occurring.
-Enables access to 100% of the pipeline.

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