Ultra-High Resolution – Enhanced

ENTEGRA recently published a new specification for the Probability of Detection and Identification for our UHR MFL/CAL tool fleet. Statistically proven and developed, we have tightened our threshold and expanded our capabilities to help our customers optimize their Pipeline Integrity programs and reduce their operating risk.

Over the past few years, we have been busy partnering with Pipeline Operators around the globe chasing the most critical anomalies and defects. From this experience and using data from our industry-leading Ultra-High Resolution tool fleet, ENTEGRA’s Data Science team created a new specification that more accurately identifies and measures the most challenging pipeline threats: Complex Corrosion, Pits-in-Pits, Seamweld Assessment, Pinholes & Pilferage, Puddle Welds, Pipe Material Classification, and Hard Spots.

To find out more about the proven advancements of our industry-leading specification and how it can benefit your Integrity Optimization program, contact your Account Manager or get in touch with us at contactus@entegrasolutions.com.