CPCM Webinar Now Available

Our webinar providing in-depth information on our new Cathodic Protection Current Mapping (CPCM) In-Line Inspection (ILI) System is now available free, online, from Materials Performance.  

Join our CPCM Product Line Manager, Dennis Janda as he explores the most effective and efficient method available for assessing your pipeline’s cathodic protection system. From inside the pipeline. 

“It’s about data; it’s about knowing your pipeline” says Dennis. “In our presentation, we show you how to spend less time collecting data and more time using it to reduce cost, reduce risk and get some return on your ILI inspection investment.” 

ENTEGRA began booking dates at the end of last year for its exclusive tools and data analysis platform which is designed to detect, identify, measure and report all CP current sources, leaks, interferences, and system gaps. It provides the most comprehensive, high-quality, high-resolution data available and can be run in conjunction with our Ultra-High Resolution MFL/CAL/IMU combo tools to take your pipeline integrity program to the next level. 

ACCESS our FREE CPCM webinar