Metal Loss Or Seamless Pattern? A Complex Question.

There are many complexities involved in identifying metal loss in seamless (SMLS) pipe. Even with advanced MFL technologies. Seamless patterns identified through MFL techniques can range from virtually undetectable to identical and frequently repeating to seemingly random. Identifying these patterns and differentiating between metal loss and the natural patterns present in seamless pipe is both a science and an art. 

Our system of Ultra-High-Resolution ILI tools, backed by AI and experienced, talented Data Analysis tools, process, and personnel, can identify broader anomaly patterns, cross-reference outside info and put the pieces together. A key differentiator is the combination of the informed data and the skill of the Data Analysts – of which we have a global team led by the most Level III’s per capita in the industry – and quality data that can only be obtained with the latest innovations in Ultra-High-Resolution MFL technology. 

When it comes to detecting, identifying and characterizing metal loss in SMLS and beyond, ENTEGRA UHR ILI tools, our exclusive CPCM platform and our global support team are again setting a world standard for first-run success, increased throughput, reduced cost, risk mitigation and ROI. 

When compared to the impact and cost of an unnecessary dig or a pipeline failure, the cost of an ILI run is insignificant. ENTEGRA’s tech – and team – help our partners to better meet their moral and regulatory obligation to know their pipeline. That’s the ENTEGRA difference.