Achieving Better POD, POI, and Sizing Results on Seamless Pipe Paper

By Max Harrisson, Data Scientist, ENTEGRA


Natural variation in wall thickness resulting from seamless (SMLS) pipe manufacturing techniques impacts POD, POI, and sizing of corrosion-related metal loss for all Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) In-Line Inspection (ILI) service providers. 

With recent developments in MFL Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) technology, identifying the subtle differences which define true metal loss from the SMLS pattern has been refined, yet there exists a large difference in the variety of SMLS pipe in use in our pipeline systems today. 

Like all things, dividing problems makes them smaller. Segmenting SMLS pipe into 3 categories of SMLS pattern and further classifying metal loss from its traditional geometric classifications additionally into 3 types of corrosion pattern produces the framework for more accurate detection, identification, and accuracy specifications. 

In this discussion, we will explore how we can categorize SMLS pipe, and how we can better define POD, POI, and sizing capabilities for MFL technology in SMLS pipe. 

Read for yourself.

Download ENTEGRA’s paper, Achieving Better POD, POI, and Sizing Results on Seamless Pipe, featured at the 2022 Pigging Pipeline and Integrity Management Conference, by filling out this form.