CPCM – An ILI Methodology to Assess the Effectiveness of CP Paper

By Dennis Janda, Product Line Manager, ENTEGRA

Cathodic Protection Current Mapping (CPCM) is an entirely new way of looking at Cathodic Protection’s role in pipeline integrity management. CPCM can proactively identify future corrosion threats, before corrosion growth initiates, and when integrated with UHR MFL, can identify potential areas of active corrosion growth while the threat is yet small. This small investment in ILI, which can be performed on the same mobilization as UHR MFL/Caliper, can prevent hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in future corrosion digs and/or leaks.

The CP current mapping tool continually measures the voltage drop in the pipe wall caused by the collection and flow of CP current. These voltage drops are then converted to current values using a simple Ohm’s Law calculation and plotted against pipeline footage for an easy-to-understand graph of current magnitude and direction on the pipeline.

This paper will introduce this unique technology to asset integrity personnel and demonstrate how valuable CP current mapping data can be when integrated with other ILI technologies.

Read for yourself.

Download ENTEGRA’s paper, CPCM – An ILI Methodology to Assess the Effectiveness of CP, featured at the 2022 Pigging Pipeline and Integrity Management Conference, by filling out this form.