Pipe Grade Classification through UHR ILI Survey Paper

By Rick Desaulniers, Manager of Data Science, ENTEGRA

Whether for regulatory compliance (including the recent Mega Rule) or environmental stewardship, pipeline operators are required to “Know their pipe”. This means knowing pipe diameter, grade, wall thickness, and type. Correctly calculating maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) and ensuring environmental and public safety, it has never been more critical to understand the characteristics of every piece of pipe.  

For some operators, validating pipe grade can be a real challenge as their pipelines are situated in hard-to-access areas and historical record-keeping is less than perfect. Strict timelines to obtain the information and financial constraints to access some of these assets can be both restrictive and costly.  

This paper will discuss the advancement of ENTEGRA’s Ultra-High-Resolution (UHR) Axial MFL technology and our ability to provide pipe-grade material classification as well as other data sets, all in one inspection run. 

Read for yourself.

Download ENTEGRA’s paper, Pipe Grade Classification through UHR ILI Survey, featured at the 2022 Pigging Pipeline and Integrity Management Conference, by filling out this form.