Entegra pipeline integrity management ensures this pipeline next to a road functions effectively

What’s In A Name? ENTEGRA Tells The Story.

Pipeline integrity is the name of the game. In-Line Inspection – specifically, combining innovative MFL technologies, expert analysis and higher-order operational expertise and service – is how you win it. And we should know. We convened an experienced brain trust of seasoned operational professionals, engineers, operators and ILI experts to take a look at the industry. Next, we talked with operators with whom we’ve worked over the years. Finally, we took these insights and developed an assessment of just what it would take – the technology, service commitment, personnel and resources – to change the industry. Again. Today, we’d like to introduce you to what’s next in enterprise integrity. ENTEGRA.

We Put The “E” In Integrity.

When you take the letter “e” and use it as a prefix to something as simple as a word or something as complex as an idea, you are modifying it to create a whole new evolutionary form of that word or concept. We looked at our experience, the innovations we’ve been individually responsible for and the responsibility we have to provide our partners with a new standard of service and we determined that all of this would be best embodied in our company name by combining the concept of integrity with the modifier, “e.”

ENTEGRA. Reaching Higher.

While finalizing the ENTEGRA name, and while making sure that it properly and meaningfully communicated our mission and values to you, we discovered something very intriguing. The word “ent” has a compelling meaning all its own and is the ideal modifier to the word “integrity” as the foundation of the ENTEGRA name. An ent is a giant, more specifically a giant tree. Symbolizing the social responsibility we feel in helping operators work to protect the environment, this represents growth, strength, longevity and reaching higher.


In the late 90’s, Rich Turley, one of the visionaries of modern Pipeline Integrity and mentor to ENTEGRA founder Mark Olson, once defined pipeline integrity as simply: “keeping the stuff inside the pipe”.

With a North American pipeline infrastructure built in the 1930’s to 1950’s with a 20-year design life, and with an unrelenting increase in energy demands, pipeline integrity is the implementation of technology and engineering to extend the life of existing pipeline assets to near infinity.

Entegra is not simply an in-line inspection company. We feel our responsibilities – as partners, innovators and as stewards of the environments we ultimately are working to protect – go beyond that. These aren’t platitudes, they are the core values of our business.

What does that mean to you? We’re looking to enable you with the best possible toolbox of solutions for optimizing the continual integrity assessment of your pipleine operations. It’s where we started. It’s where we’re going. We exist for the improvement of every pipeline asset with which we interact. In turn, we look to improve your efficiencies, your throughput – in short your entire operation.