Pipeline integrity means the environment is protected from leaks and spills

Protecting Our Environment Is At The Heart Of Our Mission.

ENTEGRA founder Mark Olson and his young family spent the Summer of 2015 traveling and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest. Whether spending the night under the stars on the San Juan Islands, driving along the Oregon Coast, or exploring the massiveness and grandeur of the California Redwoods, it was impossible to not be humbled by the experience. Existing in the presence of 1000-year old trees (or giants or “Ents,” as embodied in our very name) his mission – our mission – of being stewards of our planet was easily and spectacularly reaffirmed.

While many companies give the obligatory ‘tip of the cap’ to their environmental responsibilities, for ENTEGRA, “Social Responsibility” and “Responsible Stewardship” are really about being part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s understanding our place in time and space and the larger world around us. It’s about doing things that matter and that make an impact for more than just your lifetime. It’s about doing the right thing and for the right reasons.

In today’s charged political environment, “Big Oil” is frequently portrayed in a negative light; but the fact remains that, worldwide, energy demands are not declining and the need for safe and secure transportation of energy will continue to grow. There is no more efficient – or safer – way to transport oil and gas commodities than through well-maintained pipelines. It’s not even close. And, in truth, as an industry no one cares more about protecting our environment than we do. So we can either become the solution and contribute positively to the discourse or we can allow others to shape the conversation for us. We choose the former.

ENTEGRA exists to be the primary resource for assessing and reporting on the potential existence and severity of corrosion, mechanical damage and other threats to a pipeline’s integrity that would otherwise compromise so much more than our partners, your businesses and your own sense of responsibility to a larger calling.