Decades of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Design and Testing. Innovative smart pigging tools. An evolutionary Data Science practice. ENTEGRA’s technologies meet the real demands of pipeline operators around the world. It’s not just about getting ILI tools launched and through the pipeline. It’s about being able to accurately deliver state-of-the-art UHR imaging of the pipe 100% of the time. It’s about pipeline integrity.

See More.

Double the number of MFL sensors. Double the number of CAL sensors. Double the sampling rate. That enables us to achieve four times the resolution. ENTEGRA’s ILI tool fleet delivers Ultra-High Resolution MFL and Caliper imaging enabling us all to see more.
UHR MFL/Caliper Tools

ENTEGRA Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) ILI technology combines a denser sensor array with smarter data sampling and is built with today’s most robust and exotic materials to deliver superior data quality in the most challenging environments.


CPCM Technology

ENTEGRA’s CPCM technology locates and quantifies all current sources, shorts, and bonds. Defines current source boundaries and identifies midpoints between rectifiers. The CPCM ILI tool enables access to 100% of the pipeline and helps determine why corrosion is occurring. Imagine the value of ENTEGRA’s CPCM data overlayed onto UHR MFL/CAL/IMU data.


Inertial Measurement Tools

ENTEGRA’s Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) delivers sub-meter GPS coordinates for all reported pipeline features and anomalies in all diameters. Displacement. Third-party damage. Bend stresses. We’ll find them. Wherever they are.


Tethered, Bi-Directional Tools

ENTEGRA’s Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) technology does not stop here. We have the UHR Tethered Bi-Directional smart pig fleet, wireline trucks, ancillary equipment and expertise required to pig the “un-piggable.”


Know More.

Seeing more means knowing more. ENTEGRA tells a more complete story. While ENTEGRA employs smart automation, we also engage an experienced analysis team for expert manual review of each and every anomaly, down to the smallest pinhole anomalies. Our job is to tell you as much about your pipeline as possible to help you prioritize action. Knowledge is power.
The People Behind The Technology

There is no substitute for the experienced insight and decision making of a pipeline integrity analyst with thousands of runs under his or her belt. Combine this with our proprietary UHR technologies, and you’ll see the ENTEGRA difference for yourself, first hand.