Entegra experts work hard to continuously improve pipeline solutions

ENTEGRA: Solutions For Revolutionizing Enterprise Integrity. Again.

ENTEGRA is brought to you by the same team who first commercialized ultra-capable, extra-high- resolution MFL tools. We’re talking 25% bore restrictions. Back-to-back 1.5D bends. We also invented the category of combination tools, developing the first MFL/Caliper combo tools in 2002.

Bottom line, we’re doing it again with an array of tools delivering up to 4X the resolution of current state-of-the-art MFL technologies in a package that’s smaller, lighter and more flexible than before. All backed by the ENTEGRA Assurance guarantee.

While service and experience are at the core of what we’re bringing to the industry, for us the bottom line is solutions. Technology and service solutions that work for you.

Applied Technology

From the well to the terminal, from storage to the home, ENTEGRA can inspect the pipelines that are the lifelines of business, progress and our very way of life. It all comes down to doing the right thing – something we’ve built our business on.

Data Analysis

It’s not as much about the technology as it is about the people behind it and their ability to leverage decades of pipeline operations, engineering, and rehabilitation expertise. There is no technology that trumps the hands-on experience of an analyst with literally thousands of digs under his or her belt.

A Competitive Edge

Automated analysis of ILI data and even artificial intelligence are being touted as the next big thing. While ENTEGRA employs smart automation in its analysis process, we still engage an experienced data analyst for expert manual reviews of each and every anomaly. For identifying girthwelds and wall thickness changes, an automated solution is adequate. The same applies for boxing anomalies and indexing against a library of hundreds of proprietary sizing curves for each pipe size and each pipe grade and wall thickness. But there’s no substitute for an expert eye or the intuition of a seasoned analyst. End of story.

Entegrity Assurance Guaranteed

First run success. Report turnaround time. Report quality and accuracy. We know the pain you’ve experienced from others, and we assembled the most experienced team in the industry to guarantee success each and every time.

Our goal is to be part of your Pipeline Integrity Team, collaborating with you to ensure a successful inspection and that you never have to perform an unnecessary dig. While identifying and characterizing all the potential threats to your pipeline, we want to also save you more in rehabilitation expenses than you spend on the actual ILI activity.