It’s Not About The Technology. It’s About Data Assessment.

For years, competitors have attempted, with only marginal success, to utilize artificial intelligence and “black box” technologies in the analysis of in-line inspection data. Bluntly, there is no technology solution that trumps the hands-on experience of an analysis staff with thousands of digs under its belt.

We worked one project where the technology identified anomalies in a pipeline river crossing that suggested the need for hundreds of thousands of dollars in rehabilitation work. Further study by our analyst identified the anomalies as river weights. He’d been there, done that. The technology simply couldn’t account for that. No rehab was actually required.

At ENTEGRA, we can leverage hundreds of years of pipeline operations, engineering, and rehabilitation expertise. Yes, we employ smart automation in our data analysis solutions system, but only in the service of experienced analysts who are smarter still. We combine the knowledge and real world experience of human analysts with automation technology in a common sense approach to deliver for you.