Enterprise Integrity Where It Counts: Putting ENTEGRA To Work For You.

From the well to the terminal, from storage to the home and everywhere in between, ENTEGRA can inspect the pipelines that are the lifelines of business, progress and our very way of life.

Oil, natural gas, chemicals, refined products – whatever its form and whatever the mission profile – ENTEGRA is here for you. We’re a committed, experienced partner that puts the people, the process and the technology all together for you. Because it’s not just a matter of compliance. It’s a matter of necessity and doing the right thing, something we’ve all built our businesses on.

Regulated Interstate/Intrastate

Regulated Interstate And Intrastate Pipelines. The safe, reliable and cost-efficient transmission of oil, compressed natural gas, chemicals and gasoline is your business. Providing an assurance of integrity and supporting you in your mission is ours. Look to ENTEGRA for an assortment of ILI tools and innovative technologies that can handle the pressure, the volume and the infrastructure you manage day in and day out. All backed by the most experienced operators in the industry.

Unregulated/Oil Fields

Unregulated Intrastate And Oil Field Pipelines. Smaller diameter pipes. Variable diameters with multiple connections. Severe and multiple bends. Bore restrictions. Potential for displacement and third-party damage. These are all challenges faced going from the well head to the gas tank to the home. Whether tethered or free-swimming, our technology solutions offer shorter, lighter, more flexible designs backed by decades of experience working to overcome such obstacles. We’ve built our business on pigging the “unpiggable.”

Gas Distribution

Intrastate Gas Distribution Pipelines. Nearly 1/3 of all intrastate pipelines are used for the transmission of natural gas. The responsibility for enterprise integrity in this sector cannot be overstated. From storage to the home, we provide operators and the providers they serve with state-of-the-art ILI technology, decades of experience in the sector and, most importantly, peace of mind.


Plant And Terminal Pipelines. Agility and mobility are all considerations for operators looking for an ILI solutions partner for specific terminal and in-plant mission profiles. These applications can provide a whole new definition of “unpiggable,” posing an array of challenges for which experience and technology are the only answers. ENTEGRA offers both. From compact, combo, patent-pending MFL/Caliper technologies to tethered solutions to people that know how to use them, we have you covered.