3 Times James Bond Pioneered Pipeline Travel

James Bond Pipeline Scene

We all know pipelines are a unique and efficient mode of transportation. However, they are rarely top of mind for most of the world’s population. As pipeline engineering professionals, we’ve always gotten a kick out of watching the ever-creative James Bond use pipelines as an unexpected avenue to escape his adversaries.

From smuggling allies across the Iron Curtain to disabling nuclear weapons, pipelines have been used as a plot device in Bond films spanning three decades. Below we breakdown three of these scenes, including Diamonds are Forever, the Pipeline to the West scene in The Living Daylights, and the Plutonium bomb scene in The World is Not Enough.


Building Trust and Educating Communities—One Operator’s Approach

Entegra Blog Building Trust and Educating Communities—One Operator’s Approach


In the pipeline industry, the Department of Transportation mandates that pipeline operators provide public service communication to adjacent landowners. Typical compliance involves the operator sending a direct mail piece, providing landowners (and anyone else who may be affected by a pipeline passing through their neighborhood) with important pipeline awareness and safety information (e.g. “Call Before You Dig” instructions and emergency contact numbers).

In light of the recent politicization and negative publicity surrounding pipelines, one operator came to the realization that mere compliance wasn’t good enough. Since pipelines are a critical piece of the national infrastructure, they decided to truly engage their affected communities in frank and open communication and begin to build a relationship with the landowners affected by their pipelines.


Celebrating Our Two Year Anniversary

Pipeline Inspection

The Entegra team is excited to celebrate our two year anniversary!

Pipeline inspection technology is only as good as the people with the know-how to employ it in the field. It is an honor to work with this seasoned team of pipeline inspection experts each and every day.

We can’t believe that it’s already been two years since starting this new venture. It’s amazing how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished in such a short time!