Our Mission

ENTEGRA is not just an in-line inspection company. We feel our responsibilities as partners, ILI innovators and as environmental stewards go beyond that.

We’re looking to enable you with the best possible solutions for optimizing the integrity assessment of your pipeline operations. It’s where we started. It’s what we’re building our global reputation on. It’s where we’re going.

We exist for the improvement of every pipeline asset with which we interact. In turn, we look to improve your efficiencies, your throughput and your entire operation in the process. Thank you for joining us on this journey.



ENTEGRA is dedicated to optimizing in-line inspection for pipeline industry stakeholders whose success depends on safety and reliability.  It begins with responsible stewardship backed by innovative technologies combined with experienced and talented people – all of which we offer in the delivery of ILI solutions for our customer.


ENTEGRA is leading an evolutionary initiative whose foundation is firmly built upon a vision for providing the highest-resolution ILI technologies. We seek the ideal melding of people, process and technology to once again and immediately revolutionize in-line inspection as we know it.


Integrity above all:

• Be Innovative

• Be Devoted

• Be Honest

• Be Accountable

• Be Genuine

• Be Industrious

• Be Stewards

• Be Excellent