Mark Olson

Mark is not only the key architect in “getting the band back together” at ENTEGRA®, but as an original founder of CPIG was instrumental in the commercialization of high-resolution, MFL/Caliper technology for the industry. That the industry is evolving again and he and his team are again part of it is a point of both excitement and pride for Mark. His vision for the business, and his focus on the mission and values at the foundation of the company, have helped ENTEGRA® raise the bar when it comes to delivering pipeline integrity.

A Mechanical Engineer by training, Mark brings a wealth of operational experience to his partnership role with operators. As a General Manager, an industry consultant and as the founder and President of CPIG, he has made his mark on the industry. ENTEGRA® is the next, logical step.

Mark has a BSME in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University, is a private pilot, is a former IndyCar team owner and driver and was most recently the President of Kinetech, a technology company in the automotive industry, which he sold in 2014. Mark is married with three lovely daughters and lives in Indianapolis.

Rick Desaulniers
Manager of Data Science

There are two things Rick doesn’t want you to know: what sports teams he likes and the fact that many consider him one of the finest ILI data analysts in the world. The first makes sense; he’s trying to avoid having to bust chops. The second probably doesn’t, unless you get to know him and his simple, no-nonsense way of doing business. To Rick, it’s all about the job. It’s all about his customers. It’s all about delivering.

From Rick’s point of view as an analyst, it all boils down to providing essential information to partner operators in the service of preventing environmental disasters. The data needs to be accurate. It needs to make sense. It needs to facilitate real solutions. And it’s essential that it meets a customer’s specific needs. That was true when he co-founded CPIG with Mark Olson and Paul Pirner. It’s true now. And it’s been true his entire 30-year career.

Rick’s main lesson: the job’s not done because he’s issued a final report. To him, that’s just the beginning. At the point another vendor may be finishing up, Rick’s job as a true partner is really just beginning.

Paul Pirner
Director of Engineering

Paul began his career in pipeline inspection in 1993. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, he was a Mechanical Engineering Supervisor working on a host of international projects prior to his co-founding of CPIG.

At CPIG, Paul was responsible for innovation and engineering development, a lead role he currently plays for us here at ENTEGRA®. A proven R&D team lead and responsible for the commercialization of no fewer than five different pipeline inspection tool technologies, Paul is excited to once again be on the cutting edge and introducing yet another evolutionary technology to the industry.

A graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, Paul immigrated to Canada from the Czech Republic in 1985. He is the married father of young twins and his personal interests include tennis, motorcycle racing, Formula 1 car racing, and driving his M3 at local track days. So Paul is as at home talking cars as he is talking combo tools.

Koty Bogle
Operations Director

Koty has been in the ILI business since 2006. His time as an emerging leader has been spent in operations working directly with Engineering, Field Operations and the ILI tools in a shop environment. He moved from the shop into Global Training Management and then Field Operations Management. Now as the Director of Operations, Bogle oversees a growing team of field technicians, who are committed to delivering excellence to the company’s customers. “Everybody wants to work together to help each other get to that end result, which is getting that final report out to the client safely and accurately,” he says.

Koty is married with two young children, and has recently relocated to the Indianapolis area with his family. He has an associate of science degree in electronic engineering from ITT Technical Institute Boise and a bachelor of science in business administration from Western Governors University. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, fishing with his son and tinkering with an old Chevy C-10 pick up he’s restoring.

John Leggat
Director of Finance and Administration

Even as a finance professional, life can be an adventure. After obtaining his CPA at Ernst & Young, John has worked in industries as varied as entertainment, wine production, sales and distribution, consumer products, technology, and telecom. John also obtained his MBA at the University of Michigan. For John, no matter the industry, it really comes down to creating solid controls and processes, open lines of communication, and a willingness to work at a detailed level while still maintaining a strategic vision about the company.

John builds teams that can not only do the basic accounting and reporting, but also be resources to various levels of management to help them run their parts of the business. John has built finance teams at several small to mid-size companies and has developed structures to handle growth. He enjoys seeing the fruits of the work it takes to being involved at all levels of an organization. His best experiences have been working for businesses that feel like a family.

John recently relocated from Southern California to the Indianapolis area with his wife. His son currently attends Indiana University in Bloomington. John is an avid sports fan and enjoys the access to Big Ten country to see his Michigan Wolverines. He enjoys running on the Monon Trail and playing basketball.

Thom Rowe
Director of Sales and Marketing

Thom is a third-generation pipeliner, following in the footsteps of his grandfather who founded Big Two Mile Gas Company and Ajax Pipeline in West Virginia almost 100 years ago. Having spent many years in sales and operations in the upstream oil and gas industry, Thom joined Entegra in 2021 after leading the sales and marketing organization as Vice President at one of the largest manufacturers in the transformer services industry.

With 20 years of experience in business development, sales management, and marketing, Thom is passionate about building relationships with customers that address their operational and compliance needs. “True partnerships involve understanding what clients want to accomplish on several different levels, both what is spoken and what is not, and putting a framework in place to make that happen,” he says. The result is beneficial to both companies, as seen in his success in the financial, electrical, and energy industries.

Thom holds a BA from Wheaton College (IL) as well as master’s degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Texas Christian University. He serves on the board of directors for the Maier Foundation in his native West Virginia. Thom lives in Houston with his family and enjoys saltwater fishing along the Texas coast, where his record is catching a 42.5” fish in 36” of water.

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