The People Behind The Technology. The Technology Behind The People. By Design.

The technology is only as good as the people with the know-how to employ it in the field. That being said, the technology itself needs to reflect the very real demands of operators, be able to deliver with fewer pipeline modifications, be able to handle long sections of pipeline, provide state-of-the-art imaging capability and deliver on the first-run, every run.

Bore restrictions. Severe bends. Back-to-back bends. Pigging the “unpiggable.” For that, you do need a technology partner with the demonstrated expertise to address such challenges. The people behind the new, patent-pending line of ENTEGRA smart pigs originally created the industry’s very first combo tools. And now we’ve made them shorter, lighter and packed them with up to 4 times the data resolution. Whatever your specific mission profile, we have you covered.

EHR MFL/Caliper Tools

ENTEGRA High Resolution combines superior, patent-pending sensor design and smart-data sampling with today’s exotic materials and magnet technology.

Inertial Measurement Tools

ENTEGRA’s technology platform includes an inertial navigation module that delivers sub-meter GPS coordinates for all reported pipeline features and anomalies. Displacement. Third-party damage. Bend stresses. All of these issues can be pin-pointed for appropriate rehabilitation.

Tethered Tools

ENTEGRA has the available wireline trucks, ancillary equipment and expertise required to offer tethered ILI. Shorter tools, lighter tools, state-of-the art MFL technology and experience make ENTEGRA your go-to connection for tethered inspection.

Pigging The Unpiggable

ENTEGRA’s low-drag tool platform offers the lightest, shortest, and most flexible ILI technology in the industry. Tethered ILI applications are also available, helping us to re-define “unpiggable” for a new generation of operators.