Shorter. Lighter. Ultra-High-Resolution Pipeline Inspection Tools.

Small to Large Diameters. Back-to-back 1.5D bends. Remarkably collapsible design. Liquid, gas, and multiphase. Crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and chemicals. Online and Offline applications. Bidirectional tethered operations. Our fleet of Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) smart pigs is robust, reliable and ready, delivering the highest quality data available.

Smart In-Line Inspection Technology. Experienced People.

ENTEGRA’s Data Science and Analysis teams are unparalleled, combining advanced automation technologies with human-based decision making. There is no substitute for experienced insight backed by technology that delivers more accurate, higher-quality reports.

CPCM: Map the Distribution of Current Applied to the Pipeline

Map and measure the current and effectiveness of cathodic protection systems from inside the pipeline. ENTEGRA’S CPCM application is the most effective and efficient ILI method for assessing your system’s performance. Spend less time collecting data, more time using it.

First-Run Success.

State-of-the-art, modernly designed ILI tools coupled with experienced professionals to achieve industry leading first-fun successes. Integrity Advisors. Project Management. Engineering. Operations. Data Analysis. We get it done right the first time.

Partnership: An Extension of your Pipeline Integrity Team.

ENTEGRA’s goal is to become an extension of your pipeline integrity team, helping to identify, characterize, and prioritize pipeline integrity threats. Our job does not stop when we hand you your final report. We are here alongside you always.

Complex Issue: Pits-in-Pits.

Operators tell us that pinholes within larger areas of corrosion are the number-one threat for corrosion failures on their pipelines. Our job is to discover and identify these types of threats, many of which were previously thought to be undetectable. Pits–in-pits. …

UHR ILI: An Investment In All Of Us.

There are more than 800 miles of pipeline in the Arctic Circle, literally 500 miles away from anyone and anything. Protecting this sensitive terrain is a huge responsibility for the operators and resource partners like us with whom they team to keep …

CPCM Webinar Now Available

Our webinar providing in-depth information on our new Cathodic Protection Current Mapping (CPCM) In-Line Inspection (ILI) System is now available free, online, from Materials Performance.   Join our CPCM Product Line Manager, Dennis Janda as he explores the …