Bi-Directional Tethered Inline Inspection

How do you inspect and manage the integrity of your unpiggable pipelines? When free swimming in-line inspection tools are not an option, or when you have only one entry/exit point, how are you collecting data on the health of your pipeline? Are you struggling with the quality of data you are getting?

ENTEGRA’s bidirectional tethered tool fleet is designed specifically to address your unpiggable needs. With a dedicated tool fleet ranging from 3in through 12in, we collect and analyze Ultra High Resolution (UHR) data, returning a report to you within days, sometimes hours after the inspection. Accompanied by our wireline truck, ENTEGRA arrives on site with a small crew of specialized tethered ILI Technicians to accommodate your inspection schedule. Whether it be a single or multi line inspection project we work quickly to help you get your pipelines back in service, reducing downtime and costs.