A Complex Assessment: Looking Beyond POD and POI.

Yes, our number one job is the detection, identification and sizing of a range complex, metal loss and metal gain anomalies. Beyond that, however? When you combine ENTEGRA’s innovative, Ultra-High-Resolution MFL/CAL/IMU system and the exclusive CPCM platform with the know-how and experience of expert ILI data analysts, operators are also afforded a more thorough assessment of the condition of their pipeline. In short, they are better-able to characterize and quantify complex anomalies on the pipeline to maximize throughput, improve risk mitigation and increase ROI. 

Detection, identification, classifying and sizing of pits in pits, hard spots, corrosion on seamless pipe, puddle welds and other complex anomalies becomes just square one for an operator needing to see more – and know a lot more – about their pipeline.  

Since we’re also able to provide an accurate pipe material classification, operators not only know the condition of their pipeline, they know from this classification what their optimal run rate is and can maximize their throughput accordingly. This is one of the most significant side benefits of employing ENTEGRA’s comprehensive ILI system. 

When compared to the impact and cost of unnecessary digs or an unplanned release, the cost of an ILI run is insignificant. ENTEGRA’s tech – and team – help our partners to better meet their moral and regulatory obligation to know their pipeline. That’s the ENTEGRA difference.