Difficult-to-Inspect Lines? ENTEGRA Tethered, Bi-Directional ILI Tools Offer a Solution

Image of truck with ENTEGRA logo using a tethered ILI tool at a pipeline with the text ENTEGRA UHR ILI Tethered + Bi-Directional Capable State of the art MFL technology allows inspection in difficult applications

Out-of-service pipelines. No ILI tool launching or receiving facilities. Difficult-to-inspect lines. Pipelines previously considered impossible to inspect using ILI tools. For applications such as these, ENTEGRA offers the innovative technology to get the job done, using its tethered, bi-directional toolset.   

Using the same state of the art MFL technology incorporated in its Ultra-High-Resolution (UHR) ILI system, ENTEGRA can access difficult-to-inspect pipelines mid-stream and provide UHR ILI up to three miles (5km) in either direction from the insertion point. No launcher or receiver required. Tethered tools utilize the safety, convenience, and dependability of a wireline truck to deploy and retrieve them, gathering UHR data in both directions detailing pinholes as small as 3x3mm. 

The Technology Is Just the Beginning. 

ENTEGRA’s® bi-directional, tethered tools feature the same robust engineering and technology as our free-swimming tools. A denser sensor array and twice the data sampling rate deliver robust insights into almost every aspect of the pipe’s integrity. Our system can not only detect the long seam, but thoroughly assess it, detailing pinholes as small as 3x3mm. P.O.D., P.O.I., sizing, and accurate and robust reporting, every time, providing insights into the condition of pipelines previously considered impossible to in-line inspect. What’s more, because tethered tool run speeds can be precisely controlled both going and during retrieval, data collection and pipeline navigation is further enhanced, allowing for full-spectrum UHR ILI. 

According to ENTEGRA OPS Supervisor for Western Canada, Jerrod Carrobourg: “ENTEGRA has redefined industry standards for in-line inspection with a complete, ultra-high-resolution ILI system that incorporates innovative technologies backed by unparalleled human-based insight and decision making. We’ve now applied this to tethered tools, specifically to meet the needs of our customers who have difficult-to-inspect applications.” 

The result? Tethered detection, identification and accurate classification of pits-in-pits, pinholes, seam welds, corrosion in proximity to puddle welds and other interacting pipeline features and even the most complex corrosion. And all this at a first-run success rate in 2020 and 2021 in excess of 98%. 

The System in Action. 

 An Alberta operator engaged ENTEGRA to deliver a second opinion on a section of 4 km natural gas pipeline that other ILI vendors had identified as having an area of +/-40% metal loss. Historical data didn’t support these initial findings and the operator wanted ENTEGRA to investigate these conflicting outcomes with a new UHR ILI run.  

The pipeline lacked a facility for loading and receiving ILI applications, so a temporary flange was installed at an accessible mid-stream joint. The ENTEGRA 4” TUHR ILI tool was inserted and the flange capped and sealed, allowing pipeline access one km in each direction from the insertion point. A successful run was completed with all sensors gathering 100% data coverage. 

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The System Delivers. 

A thorough analysis of the data by a team of experienced Level-III analysts correlated ENTEGRA’s UHR data against the historical data, revealing drastically less actual metal loss than reported in the previous ILI run. Instead of requiring an unnecessary and costly corrosion mitigation and inhibitor program, the operator was able to undertake an exponentially less costly remediation program for the 8-12% thick mill scale that was discovered. 

The Bottom Line. 

When compared to the impact and cost of unnecessary mitigation, false positive or negative calls or the cost of an unplanned release, an investment in a tethered, bi-directional, UHR ILI run is insignificant.  

ENTEGRA’s UHR ILI System — paradigm shifting ILI technology backed by the insight of our experienced team helps operators to see more, know more and do more when it comes to managing metal loss and the costly challenges it poses. ENTEGRA is setting the bar, worldwide, for first-run success, increased throughput, reduced run costs, risk mitigation and ROI. That’s the ENTEGRA difference. 

See for yourself.  

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