Pipeline Data Analysis: the Human Factor

ENTEGRA data analyst team working on a chart.

Why ENTEGRA data analysts are the real difference makers.

Many think it is our state-of-the art MFL technology that drives the ENTEGRA Ultra-High-Resolution (UHR) ILI system.  “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” Highest resolution data informs our reporting (knowledge), but our unique and proprietary processes rely on human-experience as the basis for decision making (wisdom) in the data analysis process. It’s not just about innovative technologies, but the people behind it – an integrated system and process that is proving itself job after job, the world over. 

Insight and Experience. 

Percentage-wise, we have the largest team of Level III Data Analysts in the industry. They are part of a proven process, from the field to the final report, that delivers unprecedented first-run success rates and the highest quality UHR data output and analysis to our operator partners. 

These analysts and their teams are astute in the reading, interpreting, and assessing of our UHR data, providing real insight backed by decades of experience. The process itself is tailored to the specific needs of every run. Our goal is to create custom, real-world solutions for pipeline integrity managers. That means in-depth and reliable reporting. Done right, and on time. 

Collaboration Is Key. 

Our Project Managers, Engineers and Data Science teams are the heart and soul of the ENTEGRA UHR/ILI system.   

Before each run, our team completes a thorough ILI risk assessment designed to uncover details and information about the pipeline. Those findings are then used to inform what, if any, adjustments need to be made to the tool to ensure a successful run and the highest quality UHR data output. No two challenges are exactly alike, which is why we tailor our system to not be a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Beyond that, our Data Science team is actively involved with our Engineering teams in the design and development of our fleet of MFL/Caliper/IMU combo tools, Cathodic Protection Current Mapping tools (CPCM), and bi-directional tethered tools.   

The data informs the design. The design delivers the technology. The technology delivers the data. This process means unprecedented success, from seam weld assessment, pipe grade classification, and mechanical damage to delivering POD, POI, and accurate sizing for true pinholes, pits-in-pits, corrosion in puddle welded pipe, hard spots – you name it. 

The ENTEGRA Difference. 

An investment in an In-Line-Inspection run pales in comparison to the cost of a missed call, an unnecessary exploratory dig or mitigation, or worse, an unplanned release. ENTEGRA’S integrated system of state-of-the-art, Ultra-High-Resolution technologies, backed by the best operations and data analysis team in the business, delivers a real return on that investment. And that’s the ENTEGRA difference. 

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